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Keeping up with Spanish

Alfa y Beto
Spanish from scratch

For children under five: The Session’s emphasis is on traditional games, songs, folk music and stories, from various Spanish-speaking countries.

Using a story telling format, the session aims to provide a combination of activities where children engage to Spanish in a natural environment. 

Music as a mainstay of nurturing the bilingual ability of young kinds is combined with visual and physical stimulation. It is a fun and interactive opportunity for children and careers to engage with Spanish

This is a hands-on reading session where the adventures and characters in traditional books and songs help us to produce movement, sounds, letter formation tracing and mark making as a first steps into engaging with reading and writing in Spanish. 

The bookeaters club aims to promote reading, writing and oral skills in Spanish though games, theatre and crafts. During a term the bookeaters will read, rewrite and recreate a book to finally bringing it to stage in a unique play.


The bookeaters is for bilingual kids or those who have been raised in a multilingual environment with Spanish as part of it or kids that are at proficient level of Spanish. 

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